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Waarom koffie drinken belangrijk is

Why Is Drinking Coffee Important

Some people seem to drink coffee in the office all day long. And although this could raise eyebrows as it seems a bit too laid back, I believe drinking coffee is the true engine of healthy growth.

Like ‘laughing’ also ‘drinking coffee’ should be seen as an essential social activity which is highly effective.

In almost every company employees tend to protect its own territory as they are purely focused on their individual targets setting. This results in ineffective decision-making as the interests of other disciplines is overlooked easily.

People in finance claim the financial interest as most important, although this is often based on arbitrary business case assumptions. Sales colleagues will argue the predominance of the turnover by customers and are less keen on the collection process and the related cash flow impact. IT employees tend to order the ‘Rolls Royce’ while a ‘Fiat’ might be good enough.

On the one hand it is helpful to categorize the separate areas of expertise in an organizational structure; but at the same time companies should make sure that all employees are behaving like entrepreneurs and take all relevant perspectives into account.

In order to do so, I would argue that it is key to avoid ‘oxygen-poor’ meetings rooms and formal project meetings as much as possible. It is far more effective to find meeting area’s in bit more relaxed atmosphere. This atmosphere will automatically result in a broader perspective by all employees and this enables a smoother dialogue between all stakeholders.

And of course, good coffee will definitely help too!