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3 tips to increase your own cash flow!

Although Cash Discovery is focused to discover and unlock ‘hidden cash’ in organisations, we believe it also makes sense to put some attention to tips and tricks that could be useful for your private household.

Tip 1: Holiday bookings: try to find the real owner of a rental property

With Summer time on its way, it is also time to book your summer holidays. But did you know that you can save much money if you discover the real owner behind a specific holiday house? Owners of rental houses have to pay significant amounts of money to the ‘official, well branded’ holiday rental sites as well as these ‘official sites’ are charging a serious mark up on the rental prices they of the customers. If you would be able to find the real property owner you can negotiate a much better price directly with the owner. It will take you a bit of time to proceed this sometimes extensive Google/Bing/Yahoo/Ask Search exercise, but if you consider this is as an investment, it will definitely help you saving money for your future holidays as well.

Tip 2: Schedule the payment of your invoices on due date (not earlier)

Many people tend to pay it’s received invoices immediately as they consider this as a ‘check in the box’ action. Although current interest rates are historically low, it does make sense to schedule these invoices in your e-banking system on the real due date. By doing this you will immediately save money when interest rates move up again. Moreover it will create some actual benefits as you will have a higher balance on your bank account which mitigates the risk of an overdraft position which prevent you from unwanted penalty fees.

Tip 3: Change from energy supplier every year

It sound ridiculous but based on our experience it really makes sense to change from energy supplier on a yearly basis. Energy suppliers are very keen to obtain ‘new’ customers and offer them attractive ‘welcoming offers’. After the first year, the ‘normal package’ is applicable which makes the offer not that attractive any more. By changing from energy supplier on a yearly basis it enables you to benefit from the attractive first year discounts every year!