Hoe structureel meer cash flow te genereren

De sterke relatie tussen verkoop, cash en klanttevredenheid How to create more cash flow? Make sales representatives accountable for the customer’s payment behaviour Why? Sales representatives could have a major role in the acceleration of customer’s payments, which will also boost the customer loyalty rates (NPS). Customers will feel treated ..

How to increase the cash flow for your company: Introduce a free cash flow and NPS target for all employees! In most companies, incentive schemes are predominantly related to EBITDA. However, in the end it is all about cash and the customer experience in order to be able to create ..

Waarom koffie drinken belangrijk is

Why Is Drinking Coffee Important Some people seem to drink coffee in the office all day long. And although this could raise eyebrows as it seems a bit too laid back, I believe drinking coffee is the true engine of healthy growth. Like ‘laughing’ also ‘drinking coffee’ should be seen ..

3 tips to increase your own cash flow!

Although Cash Discovery is focused to discover and unlock ‘hidden cash’ in organisations, we believe it also makes sense to put some attention to tips and tricks that could be useful for your private household. Tip 1: Holiday bookings: try to find the real owner of a rental property With ..

Cash is king

Why CASH is ALWAYS KING  Most companies are predominantly focused on Ebitda and less on cash. To some extent I understand this focus, as it starts with sales orders in order to achieve a profitable business.  At the same time, it is cash that counts. Suppliers, employees, investors are all paid in cash. ..